I started off dropping out of school to work in the food industry, dreaming of a school that only catered to my interests that didn't exist. 

After food (my second love) I began a career in law enforcement, dispatching emergency services for a decade but still feeling chained to a career that just didn't allow me to be creative in the least bit. Which lead to the realization that just because you're good at something, doesn't mean it will make you happy. 

Anyways, I decided to simultaneously pursue my love of real estate and did some college for drafting & design and got my realtor license on top of that... That was all great and everything but still took up a TON of my time to try to get either off the ground while I was still working a full time job to support my family. 

So, every so often I would loop back to my passion of creating a place where people could find their interests and Actually achieve their goals & live their best lives. This started out as a dream, a hobby and a passion. We all only have a short time to be here and no one should waste it trying to dredge thru all the junk on the internet fighting to find it for themselves. 


I've been trying to join the age of working remote, becoming my own boss and having multiple streams of income for a long time. I've explored all avenues and learned all the lessons the hard way. 

I am here to cut thru all those road blocks for you and get you to a point where you can afford the kind of lifestyle I've collected here and the life you so choose. I know once I finally figured out the keys to success from my many many failures I wanted to bring it to my friends and help them reach that level too. No college computer courses are necessary, and honestly they probably won't focus on this particular path anyways.. 

Some things I offer are monetized to help keep this dream going but for the most part I am not here to profit off other peoples dreams


 I want to leave a happy and positive mark on the world and this passion project is it.  

 My goal is to prove that you can be successful and carve your own path no matter how creative you want to be and you don't have to be chained to a desk in a cubical the rest of your life. 

 So, please... explore all the content you can, take all of it in and keep bettering yourself and your life because everyone can have an awesome life at every income, every age, and without relocating to some exotic island.